About Us




Welcome to Opack (S) Pte Ltd, we sell high quality compacting and baling solution for solid waste materials at source. Material such as waste, papers, soft plastics and aluminums are most suitable. The solutions improve business efficiency; contribute to a cleaner working and natural environment for recycling and disposal.

Our business partner, Orwak is a world leader in compaction and baling solutions has been in this waste handling systems since 1971.

Eco Creation is another business partner who offers a range of up market Reverse Vending Machine (RVM) and Homogenization plastic machines for converting waste plastic into diesel grade oil.

Orwak Balers for recycling business owner

We aim to achieve less waste and less pollution in our today environment. We source and provide suitable and reliable environment green machine and equipment such as:

  1. Orwak Mini Waste Compactors for restaurant and vessel
  2. RVM - Reverse Vending Machines for shopping centre, school, etc
  3. Ecocreation Homogenization Plastic to Oil machines converting waste plastics into oil
  4. Pulltarps Automated tarp covered system for open top containers
  5. Orwak TOM Smart Compaction bin
  6. And others……

We provide one stop service from selling and maintenance of machines and consultancy on environment solutions.


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