Reverse Vending Machines (RVM)

  Auto Reverse Vending System EC-101
  Made a design considering safety of a user, and adopted a close design to users.


  Auto Reverse Vending System EC-201
Reverse vending Machine is developed to recover and dispose recycled products more effectively. It first selects and separates the recycling product by its material. With empty PET bottles, the machine first compresses them, reducing the volume by 85 to 92%. Then it shatters and stores the pieces in designated container. With empty cans, the machine first compresses them, reducing the volume by 85%. Then it stores the compressed cans in designated container. Other substances will directly be stored in designated container without any processes. Also, it has separate container for collecting paper cups. Reverse Vending Machine will cut down enormous time and cost for gathering recycling products, and help protecting environment with reducing CO2 exhaustion.



RVM Recycling Concepts

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